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In 1948, as post-war America transitioned to a peace-time economy the crush of young men returning from military service flooded the job market. Among them was Burton Kossoff. Rather than join the ranks of those desperately seeking employment young Kossoff boldly ventured into the industry his family had practiced for three generations - packaging.

Burton Packaging was born in a small office in Brooklyn between a White Castle (selling burgers for a dime) and a tavern catering to local Brooklynites. In 1952 the company acquired a manufacturing plant in Brooklyn. Over the next thirteen years, the factory expanded from 12,000 to 50,000 square feet. The added space allowed for new machinery, additional services and growing volume. It was during this time that packaging emerged from simple box production into a targeted effort to create a total design concept.

In 1965, Burton Packaging relocated to its present location in Maspeth, Queens. The new space provided ten times the original manufacturing area: 120,000 square feet, approximately the size of three football fields.

New gluing machines were installed in the finishing department. One, two, three and four color offset presses have been added along the way. As the business grew, more new equipment, facilities and manpower helped BP increase its wide range of services and products. Intricate multi-fold boxes with exotic shapes and elaborate processes were developed.

Burton Packaging is a technologically advanced facility. Using state of the art Cad-Cam systems and the electronic data inter-exchange (EDI) gives our company the ability to remain efficient in the market today and for years to come.
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