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Case Study

In 2007 Revlon approached Burton Packaging with a challenge unsolved by several other packagers. Could Burton provide a single packer that could be machine fed and offer adequate protection for their delicate lipstick cap? Ideally, this packer should be made out of recycled tan chip.

Burton Packaging is fortunate to be the employer of the nation's leading expert on glue machines and their installation, Joe Foley. Joe, a national consultant, along with plant manager, Jeanette Carfagno, planner Victor Sousa and foreman Javier Chaqvea spent three months developing the "bumper box" - a brilliant solution that passed Revlon's QA and QC with flying colors. Since 2007, Burton has provided Revlon with 6 million "bumper boxes" that have elegantly saved Revlon countless dollars in returned goods.
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